For the last twenty-five years Dr. Chris Luttrell has been offering special interest asthma and allergy consultations for patients who have been either referred or self-referred to the practice, trading as ‘Asthma and Allergy Clinics Tasmania’.

He can offer advice for feeding issues in children, investigations and care of coeliac Disease and food allergies/intolerances, hay fever/allergic rhinitis, asthma, and eczema especially in children.

Assessment is based both on history, records from other doctors/hospital admissions, along with skin prick testing which we can also be provided for certain allergies and sometimes blood assessment. We are also able to provide respiratory function testing for asthma.

We are NOT able to offer patch testing which is used for assessment of chemical contact dermatitis or offer any advice on blood tests performed by herbalists/naturopaths.

Unfortunately given that these assessments are usually made for longer consultations (30-60 minutes) and the process that Medicare rebates reduce with all longer consultations, all allergy consultations incur a fee and will not be bulk billed, irrespective of the age of the patient or their university student status.

DO NOT BOOK ONLINE FOR ALLERGY APPOINTMENTS. To make an appointment with Dr Luttrell for allergy testing we accept referrals from other Practitioners, and you can also refer yourself. To refer yourself please complete the self-referral form on our website or contact the surgery and our administration team will be able to email or send you a form and then once Dr Luttrell has reviewed the referral one of our team will call you to arrange an appointment.

Click below to complete the self-referral allergy form.